Love is Divine Divine is the Orrefors tribute to the Swedish Royal Wedding 2010. Fittingly, the designer, Erika Lagerbielke also created the Parliament's and Government's gift to H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria and Mr. Daniel Westling. The Divine collection is a sparkling, classical-style set of glasses, each idiosyncratically elegant, and each bearing a hand-painted crystalline decoration: the contents seem to be resting in a bowl of light. The glasses are crafted in Småland's Kingdom of Glass, their form a proud manifestation of the glassworks' unique handicraft expertise. "I wanted to create a glass that was elegant and sensual, something memorable for both eye and hand," says Erika Lagerbielke. "An overt simplicity, yet something totally full of wonder". Celebrated both in Sweden and abroad, Erika Lagerbielke has had a long and successful career. Her stemware designs manifest her impressive knowledge of beverages and of how culinary mores have developed over time. Her previous successes include Intermezzo, Merlot and Difference. Divine is designed to enhance the experience of the meal, not only by bringing out the bouquet and taste of the drink, but just as importantly by creating an elegant and festive atmosphere by means of the form and function of the glass. "A beautiful glass enhances the entire dinner table experience. A beautifully laid table is a perfect way of showing consideration for your guests," says Erika Lagerbielke. The Divine collection consists of champagne flutes, champagne coupes, glasses for white and red wine and for sweet wine and water, as well as both a water and a wine decanter. GLAS Divine vattenkaraff Divine vinkaraff Divine design Erika Lagerbielke 2010 Photo Jonas Lindström Water decanter Wine decanter