About Erika Lagerbielke With an education in industrial design as her background, Erika Lagerbielke has been working in design for more than twenty five years. Today she is a professor in glass design at Linnaeus University and runs her own company Erika Lagerbielke & Co AB. Although design for glass manufacturer Orrefors has been Erika Lagerbielke’s main occupation for a long time, she considers all materials and all aspects of design to be future opportunities. Her design philosophy includes both function and poetry. Lagerbielke's expression is that of warm simplicity and bold elegance. Her most well known design is the stemware Intermezzo (1985) for Orrefors, the wineglass that has a blue drop captured in the stem. It is a design that has become an international classic. Many of Lagerbielke’s designs are wineglasses. She considers it challenging to design products that people will hold in their hands and lift to their lips. It’s really design where detail counts. The stemware line Difference (2002) is designed to enhance the wine experience. Cups of different shape bring out different qualities of the wine. Each type of wine has its own glass. The series combines beauty with function and has become highly appreciated. The glasses in the line Yours’ and Mine (2008) were designed to be a feast to the eye. The idea is to make it possible to create your own collection by combining two shapes in three patterns and two colours, any way you like it. To work with art glass for Orrefors has given Erika Lagerbielke the opportunity to work independently as an artist. Her expression in art glass is strong and bold in colour, yet poetic. Her work has been shown internationally in numerous solo exhibitions. Vases Imagine (2008) are limited edition pieces. Since 2008 Lagerbielke is cooperating with the Swedish design company Kateha in designing high quality handmade rugs. The first results were presented at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2009 where they were very well received, for example the pattern Quattro. Lagerbielke’s rugs are characterized by dynamic patterns and bold but well balanced colour combinations.